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Main Line Direct LTD is a business personally committed to working efficiently to the highest standards and establishing and maintaining our clients trust and respect. We believe in a traditional approach whilst embracing innovation, thereby delivering the very best value for money for our clients. The trust and respect we enjoy from our clients is based upon the application of these values to maximum effect across a wide spectrum of electrical projects, domestic or commercial. This differentiates us from our competitors and makes Main Line Direct LTD our clients’ first choice.

Rewiring takes planning. It's usually NOT just a case of replacing what's already there but thinking about future needs and incorporating new lifestyle devices and technologies.

We can work with your architect to ensure you have the right power sources and lighting elements in the right places to enhance your ejoyment of your new space.

Networks are becoming increasingly important to modern life, from ethernet for your computers and smart TV's to sound and AV.

Unfortunately we are being forced to become more secure. The right alarms with useful zoning and monitoring points will help you get a good nights sleep.

Gone are the days when a light is on or off. There is so much more that can be achieved these days and we are happy to help you plan what's right for your home or office.

We all like to be able to listen to the radio or TV whether we are in the shower, the garage or doing the ironing. Whole House Audio enables this.

We are experienced in both domestic and industrial settings, 3-Phase supplies don't phase us, let us help you achieve what you need in your business.

We can do fixed wire testing on all appliances, wiring, earth-bonding and hard-wired appliances and issue appropriate reports for insurance or other purposes.

We are only a phone call away

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